bullet-point VeroMetal® Filler - puttyable Metals

VeroMetal® is now available as puttyable product.

Image: VeroMetal® Bronze Filler Bronze Filler black patinated

As with VeroMetal®, VeroMetal® Filler consists of 3 components, Metal, Binder and Hardener. After thorough mixing VeroMetal® Filler can be applied using plastic applicators or putty knives and using the well known putty techniques. Depending upon requirements arbitrarily thick layers can be realised. The spreading rate depends on the desired layer thickness, but is usually around 800gr/m². The working time is 45 minutes at 20°C. The drying can be accelerated by drying with heat lamps. Due to the low solvent content VOC emissions are very low. Additionally because there is no overspray involved VeroMetal® Filler can be used more easily for interior application.

bullet-point VeroMetal® Black Patina

The new VeroMetal® Black Patina is a liquid and can be diluted with max. 10% water. It blackens brass and bronze within minutes.

bullet-point VeroMetal® in the international magazine LEAF

Verometal in an architecture magazine

bullet-point VeroMetal® for designer furniture

The armchair Comello® Cosy was created 2009 by the designer Pierre Neven. Base material is plastic. The armchair can be used both in the interior and in the external area. The object was coated with VeroMetal® Bronze (black patinated). The cushion with VeroMetal Gunsmoke and then high-polished. The designer armchair is shown on various international fairs, among other things on the furniture fair Milan. The metallic coating gives the object a very high-quality look and feel and shows the exclusive Design in the best light.

before the coating:



bullet-point VeroMetal® Iron - trashy look for shop furniture

In one of the most expensive locations of Zurich, at the deer place, 2nd Skin of Lifestyle AG opened a new store. The architect wanted the reception desk, different showcases and the cabinet systems to be in a rusty optic. The VeroMetal applikator Burkart & Pfaffen decorations GmbH based in Bürgeln/Switzerland coated the different already existing objects with VeroMetal® Iron and afterwards treated the surfaces with a patina. The surfaces to be coated consist of raw MDF, synthetic resin and painted surfaces. The goal was to create a very trashy look. Therefore lots of patina was used to get a very uneven rust surface with strong stripes.



bullet-point VeroMetal® Copper for facades

VeroMetal® Copper allows the creative and cost effective manufacturing of metal facades. The project was realized by the dutch company ›Art and Metal, who manufactured more than 400 panels for this job. The building is an eleven floor tower of Rabobank.


VeroMetal® Copper was sprayed on GRP panels. The surface was not sealed, because there was the wish for a natural green patina. Only the roof and the window ledges were realized with solid copper panels. The following picture shows the green patina on the window ledge after 1 year. The ca. 4 meter high panels coated with VeroMetal® Copper have also patina at the bottom after this time.


This shows that VeroMetal® Copper surfaces have the same properties as solid copper. A combination of both materials is possible.
Also the other VeroMetal® Metals can be used within the facade application.

bullet-point VeroMetal® Corten-Steel

VeroMetal® allows an inexpensive production of panels in Corten steel look. The substrate materials are various plastic, glas fiber reinforced materials which are coated with VeroMetal® iron. Depending on the inensity of the additionally applied patina, different colours can be realized. The surface will keep on oxydizing and the look will continously change. However the condition of the surface can also be protected by a sealer.


The Carrier material can be designed in various shapes. This offers unlimited possibilities for creative Architects.

Off course VeroMetal® can also be applied with an appropriate primer on steel or aluminium.

bullet-point VeroMetal® Reflex S01

The new creation VeroMetal® Reflex S01 is a bright composition with special optical effects. Depending on the exposure to the light there will be bright reflections, creating different excellent optical characteristics. The surfaces appear modern, innovative and will give products a hightech oriented look.

bullet-point VeroMetal® Marine

VeroMetal® launches new innovative Productline in the Marine sector.

VeroMetal® Marine M300 Antifouling Coating is a high solids antifouling and is based on encapsulated organic copper particles in proprietary hybrid polyester binder (not leaching cuprous oxide technology).

VeroMetal® Marine M300 is for use on hulls constructed of composite materials such as GRP (Gel coat). For use on metallic hulls or structures you need appropriate and approved primers.

VeroMetal® Marine M300 is a long lasting coating suitable for protection in the severest of fouling conditions.

For detailed information about our Marine products please visit:

bullet-point VeroMetal® Anniversary Laptop

Monitor lid of laptops should have a rusty appearance material received. Rust on a high-tech product is very unusual and generates immediate attention of the beholder.

VeroMetal® was applied directly on the cover lid. A primer was not necessary. The surface was only briefly sanded. After the spraying of VeroMetal® iron the reaction layer has been removed and the patina liquid was sprayed.

Laptop Eisen

The result is amazing: a rusty Premium laptop with a unique surface. Since the patination for each laptop generates a different structure, every manufactured surface is unique. The surface of iron feels not only like metal, but is also magnetic. The attached magnets prove it and are always an eyecatcher.


bullet-point Airconditions

In addition to the use of VeroMetal® in areas such as product design, medical and marine, we currently evalute the use of copper coatings in the field of air conditioning.

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